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When to Hire a Professional Swimming Pool Repair Company!

Three Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Having a pool is great because it allows you to cool down during hot summers and keep your body healthy and lean through swimming. But being a swimming pool owner comes with its set of responsibilities, which includes more than removing fallen leaves from the water. If you’re determined on handling the maintenance of your pool on your own, here are three swimming pool repair mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.

1. Frequently Backwashing the Pool Filter

Backwashing plays an integral part in any pool maintenance routine as it keeps the water clean and free from debris. But frequent backwashing can hamper the filters’ ability to trap pollutants and contaminants. It may come as a surprise, by swimming pool filtration systems are more effective with a bit of gunk because larger junk helps with the collection of smaller particles. Monitor the filters’ PSI and empty it of debris only when it goes 10 units above the recommended range, which is about 15 PSI.

2. Using an Automatic Pool Cleaner to Remove Algae

Automatic pool cleaners are made to push debris and algae via a mesh net. They are NOT designed to remove it from your swimming pool. This means that the mesh bag will rapidly fill with gunk and algae, which then will start to leak around your pool. Using an automatic swimming pool cleaner won’t solve your problem, in fact, it will make it worse. The best solution is to clean your pool manually. If you don’t have the time, you can always hire a company that specializes in swimming pool repair & maintenance.

3. Ignoring Micro-Fissures

Micro-fissures are an indicator that your swimming pool’s structural integrity is compromised. Patching them is the most effective way to avert future complications. If the task is beyond your purview, you can request the assistance of professionals.

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