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When to Call for a Swimming Pool Service

Best Times to Use a Pool Service

When it comes to pool maintenance, having a professional swimming pool service can be invaluable. Not only do they have the expertise and experience to keep your pool safe and clean, but they also save you from having to spend countless hours each week caring for your pool. Knowing when the best times are for using a pool service is essential for getting the most out of your pool and ensuring that it is properly taken care of. Below are five great times when you should consider using a professional pool service.

When Opening Your Pool

Each year, pools need to be “opened” in order to get them ready for use. This involves cleaning the filter, checking the water levels, and ensuring the pool chemicals are balanced. Having a professional pool service open your pool for you eliminates any guesswork and ensures that your pool is safe and ready to use immediately.

After Heavy Rain or Storms

Heavy rains can lead to an accumulation of debris in your pool, as well as cause chemical imbalances that can make your pool unsafe to swim in. Hiring a professional pool service after storms will help you get your pool back into swimming condition quickly and safely.

Before Pool Parties

If you’re planning on having a pool party or other event, it’s important to have a professional service come in beforehand to make sure your pool is clean and safe. This can help you avoid any embarrassing situations caused by a dirty or unsafe pool.

During the Swimming Season

During the summer swimming season, it’s important to have regular maintenance performed on your pool to keep it clean and safe. Regular visits from a pool service can help you easily keep your pool in good condition throughout the season and avoid any surprise repairs.

When Closing Your Pool

Closing your pool properly is essential for helping it last through the winter months and getting it ready for use the next summer season. A professional pool service can help you properly close your pool, ensuring that it is safe and ready for use come spring.

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