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When Swimming Pool Repair Is Needed

Signs Your Swimming Pool Needs Fixing

Many people who own swimming pools have to deal with pool repairs at some point. While it may not always be the most fun thing to deal with, it’s important to know how to spot the signs that your pool needs repair. Below are 3 of the indicators that your swimming pool may need your attention! If you notice any of these issues developing, speak to your local swimming pool repair specialist immediately.

Leaking Pool

If you notice that the water in your swimming pool has started to leak, it’s definitely a sign that your swimming pool needs repairs. The most likely issue causing the leak is the pool’s weak crucial seams. When these areas start to fail, your pool can leak, as these are parts that rely on the liner to keep them intact. The best way to avoid this problem is by taking care of the critical seams and tightening them up as necessary. You can do this by calling your local pool contractor to do the necessary repairs.

The Water Level is Uneven

If you notice that the water level is uneven and you don’t know how it happened, the seal may be damaged. The pool pump could also be damaged. Both of these issues can be repaired, but it’s best to call a professional for it so that mistakes will be avoided. They’re more capable because they have the right tools for the job.

Visible Chemical Reaction

If your pool is not being used for a long time, it could have a batch chemical reaction. This is common, especially if you’re using pool shock. This is why some pool owners must have their pools repaired to ensure the leak does not spread to other parts of the pool. It’s important to contact a professional right away if you notice this problem.

Pool repair is necessary if you want to avoid costly repairs in the future. For quality work, hire JFS Pool & Spa Service. We provide professional swimming pool repair in Santa Monica, CA. Give us a call at (310) 487-8387 if you have more questions.