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Various Types of Pool Salts Used in Salt Water Pool Service

Salts for Your Salty Pool

Many backyards are home to saltwater pools. You may be asking what kind of salt you should put in your pool if you have one of these pools or are considering constructing one. It’s not just you. Due to the availability of several salt types, this subject is frequently asked. The greatest advice for your particular circumstance may always be obtained by consulting salt water pool service experts. Before making a decision, though, keep reading to learn more about the various types of pool salt.

Solar Salt

The sun contributes to the production of solar salt, hence the name. Seawater is stored outside in a location that is constantly exposed to the wind and sun. Salt is left behind by the evaporating ocean. Because it depends on nature to perform the work, this is one of the more affordable methods of producing salt.

Mechanically Evaporated Salt

Similar steps are used to make solar salt in this technique, however, instead of using the sun’s energy, artificial heat is used. The brine shrimp and bacteria are destroyed more quickly, and other organic contaminants are also removed from the water, thanks to the controllable and subsequently raised heat level.

Mined Salt

95% of mined salt is pure. Owners of saltwater pools should choose this option since it prolongs the life of the salt cell and prevents equipment failure or pool staining. Of course, improper usage of salt can cause damage to your pool. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with the appropriate application and swimming pool cleaning.

Always make sure to purchase your pool salt from trustworthy pool retailers, pool suppliers, or pool builders. You can be certain that you’re getting a quality product when you purchase from these stores. By purchasing pool salt online from vendors who aren’t exclusively in the pool business, some individuals attempt to save money. You ultimately get what you pay for, so use caution when purchasing from unreliable sources. In actuality, you can be purchasing a product that will harm your pool and breach your warranty when you believe you are purchasing a high-purity product. Purchase your pool salt from the manufacturer or the individuals who assisted you with the installation.

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