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The Salts Used by Salt Water Pool Service in Making Your Pool Salty

Salt Options for Your Salt Water Pool

To keep your saltwater pool secure and healthy, salt is the primary ingredient you require. How do you choose the best kind of pool salt to put in your pool, and what is the greatest kind of pool salt? Table salt, flake salt, and other varieties of salt are all available; we’ll discuss them later in this article. You can also ask your local salt water pool service contractor for any advice. However, there are three main varieties of salt used in swimming pools:

Solar Salt

Saltwater is dried using solar energy. I mean, that’s it. Large holding containers collect seawater or saltwater, which is then dried for many days in the sun. It is intended to evaporate the water and leave behind only salt (or sodium chloride). Solar salt production happens naturally. You should be aware that solar salt, particularly brine shrimp, is known to be home to millions of microscopic aquatic creatures. The brine shrimp will eventually start to decompose, leaving them behind in the salt as a result of time, the lack of water, and heat exposure.

Mechanically Evaporated Salt

Seawater is dried out to create this salt. Similar steps are taken by both solar salts and evaporated salt. except that the salt is mechanically dried using heat generators. They are intended to remove all but the salt from seawater. The removal of organic pollutants is assisted by the employment of machinery to dry the water. Mineral deposits, however, are frequently left behind after the drying process of the salt. These minerals have a large enough concentration to scale.

Mined Salt

A popular pool salt is mined salt because of its high purity level, commonly referred to as rock salt. This salt is clean and perfect for sterilizing saltwater swimming pools because it has a sodium chloride content of between 95% and 99%. Additionally, the crystals of rock salt are bigger than those of table salt. Rock salt will therefore keep its effectiveness in the pool for longer. Salt mines below the ground are the source of mined salt. Salt concentration and composition are influenced by the mine’s characteristics. The salt from some salt mines contains significant amounts of iron compounds and trace elements.

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