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The Common Causes of Pool Pump Damage That Needs Pool Repair

Repairing Your Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps that are manufactured well often last at least five years and, with good maintenance, up to twenty years. If the proper safety measures are not implemented, a pump will start malfunctioning at this time. The pump can be protected against typical causes of damage, though. Below are the common reasons for pool pump damage that needs pool repair.

Low Water Level

If the water level is below the skimmer intake, the pool pump is especially susceptible to overheating. In general, a pump can easily run dry and lose its prime when the water level is too low. A quick check will reveal whether the pool’s water level is appropriate.

Pump O-Ring is Missing

The pump lid o-ring may occasionally be neglected to be replaced when the pump basket is being cleaned; in fact, this is a mistake that occurs frequently. Sadly, it is very likely to go overlooked. Air can enter if the pump lid is replaced without the o-ring. The pool pump will draw in the air rather than water when the timer activates.

Skimmer Basket is Clogged

Debris and mulch are captured in the skimmer basket before they may jam the pump and cause it to run more slowly. The pump can suffer greatly if the skimmer baskets are clogged with trash. Debris might get around the strainer and jam the suction line if the basket is removed or knocked out of place. Additionally, clogged skimmer baskets prevent filtration and circulation. Additionally, if a clogged skimmer line runs completely dry, it may harm a pump.

The Pump Lid is Cracked

The lid occasionally develops a minor hairline crack that is difficult to see. Even though your pump could be functioning normally, air can occasionally be drawn in. The pump may dry out if the air is drawn into it. Additionally, with time, your pump may prematurely age and overheat.

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