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Swimming Pool Repair for Concrete Cracks

Checking Pool Cracks

Concrete pools are extremely well-liked because of their many features that may be customized, durability, and general visual appeal. However, they have a few possible drawbacks and might need immediate action for swimming pool repair. There are different causes of cracking in concrete, each with its solution. It’s important to know the causes of cracking so you can be able to spot any possible problems. They are as follows:

Poor Quality Concrete

The quality of concrete is one of the most common reasons for concrete cracking. If the concrete was poorly mixed, too much water was added, or the concrete was not allowed to dry, you can expect some concrete cracking. The type of cement used will also have an impact. For example, portland cement is more resistant to the elements than oolitic cement, so the quality of the concrete can affect the durability of the swimming pool.

Excessive Drying Time

Another common cause of cracking in concrete is excessive drying time. When concrete is allowed to dry, it will contract and there will be shrinkage as it contracts. This is why concrete that has been poured during a rainstorm will crack when it dries. It will shrink when the water evaporates from it, causing it to crack. If the concrete is not allowed to dry at all or if the concrete is not allowed to dry fast enough, it will crack.

Water Leaks

While a swamped or overwintered pool is not ideal, it is better than having a pool that is cracked. It means the concrete is not waterproof. Water leaks that cause concrete to crack are also one of the most common causes of pool cracking. Poorly installed concrete footings will also make a swimming pool vulnerable to water leaks.

Improper Plumbing Installation

A pool needs some plumbing for water flow and return, but it’s crucial to keep the plumbing to a minimum. Plumbing generates a weak point in the concrete structure, making those places vulnerable to damage and cracking.

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