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Swimming Pool Repair for a Damage and Fail Pool Equipment

Habits That Ruin Pool Equipment

The majority of damage to your pool and pool equipment can be caused by minor things. Damages in the tens of thousands of dollars could result from a simple oversight. Your pool equipment may be dying sooner than it should because of a seemingly innocuous habit. Perhaps you have suddenly lost the ability to use your heater, pump, or cleaner because of a bad habit you didn’t take seriously. We’ll examine the most frequent pool errors that require professional swimming pool repair and may be harming your pool or pool equipment because it’s true that certain warnings are more important than others.

Not Protected Pool Heater

Most likely, you don’t give your pool heater much thought. It probably functions as it should and hardly ever needs maintenance. You then enter your pool as usual one late summer morning, only to emerge shocked, chilly, and with bug eyes. You may be completely unaware of a slow, subtle process that is causing damage to your pool heaters. Copper heat exchangers are attacked by acidic pH and alkalinity levels, which remove the copper and stain your pool. If you reside in an area with harsh, snowy winters, exposure to the outdoors can cause heater parts to rust.

Directly Inserting Chlorine Tabs Into the Skimmer

This may be the most frequent error made by pool owners or the most frequent error that isn’t taken seriously enough. Chlorine tabs, particularly the Swim 3 Chlorine Tabs, are extremely concentrated, acidic marvels of contemporary chemistry that are designed to dissolve gradually around the pool. Chlorine tablets continue to disintegrate when left in a skimmer with the pump off, flooding the skimmer and pipe with chlorine.

Leaving Solar Cover Open to High Chlorine

You don’t want your solar blanket to be exposed to pool shock or high levels of chlorine, even non-chlorine shock. By shocking your pool and then covering the water with a solar blanket, you can quickly ruin your pool cover. Similar to how they affect microorganisms, these compounds have negative effects on the plastic solar cover. After shocking your pool, try to wait a few days before using your solar cover or until chlorine levels are back to normal.

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