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Swimming Pool Repair Can Easily Fix Your Above-Ground Pool Leak

Finding a Leak in an Above-Ground Pool

If the water level in your watering hole is a little lower than normal, it may be a sign that you have an above-ground pool leak. Your pool’s water level dropping and the existence of leaks are both signs. You can speak with a nearby swimming pool repair company to learn more about your pool leaks. A leak in an above-ground pool can typically be found without much difficulty. Being above ground is a luxury since it allows for full visibility of the exterior and all the plumbing and mechanicals. Below is a list of ways to find leaks in above-ground pools.

Inspect the Pump Motor Connection

Look to see if there is a nearby puddle or if the hose or motor connected to your pump is damp. If you do, simply follow the water trail back to the alleged joint. Then, you might run into a broken hose, a loose hose clamp, or a threaded connection.

A cracked hose or a loose hose clamp should be replaced rather than risking needing to make an expensive repair. Since a pool engine is designed to be cooled by the entering water, running it dry increases the risk of it catching fire. If required, swap out the damaged hose for one that is identical in size, length, and end-to-end clamped.

Investigate the Pool’s Bottom

If there are no wear signs and the water level has stopped falling somewhere between the pool’s floor and the skimmer’s mouth and return fittings, it’s time to get wet! Enter the pool with caution, using the pH tester kit to cautiously scan the water’s surface for tears.

It is necessary to repair each tear, no matter how minor. Squirt some pH testing solutions on the tear once you believe a potential tear has been located. If it sucks it in, you’ve found your leak. To restore it, use the underwater patch kit.

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