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Salt Water Pool Service Tips

Maintenance Guide for Salt Water Swimming Pools

It has become commonplace for people to use salt water pool systems, so they do not have to deal with traditional chlorine-based pools and the maintenance that comes with them. Once people switch to salt, they are enthusiastic about how easy and cost-effective it is, also, how much cheaper it is to hire a salt water pool service.

The Need for Proper Maintenance

Getting introduced to new technology will often result in some confusion, to begin with, so misconceptions will be understandable. However, the thing to remember is that left alone for a certain amount of time, a pool will start to revert to its natural state, namely a big green slime pit. So, an easy way to think about what your swimming pool needs is to consider 4 things, which are listed below.

  1. Sanitation – Killing micro-organisms. This ensures that your salt chlorination system works as it should be.

  2. Circulation & Filtration – Removing sediment, debris, and other such impurities. Thus ensuring that the pump and filter continue to operate correctly.

  3. Monitoring Water Balance – This enables effective pool sanitation, reduces the need for chemical intervention, in addition to protecting the pools surface, equipment, and the people that use the pool.

  4. Practical Maintenance – This will take care of the details to keep every aspect of the pool clean.

Pool Sanitation

A swimming pool that does not have sanitation will have water that goes either green, opaque and be extremely smelly. It is also a health hazard, as micro-organisms do thrive and multiply, not to mention harboring disease-spreading pests.

For any pool, sanitation will need an “oxidizer”, this traditionally is either a liquid, granular, or tablet chlorine, or a combination of the above. So instead of buying and carrying vast quantities of buckets of conventional chlorine, salt pools will naturally generate free chlorine at a consistent rate.

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