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Pool Repair Tips

Common Pool Repair Needs

Swimming pools offer hours of enjoyment. However, they can also be a source of frustration. Pool issues can vary, and even minor issues can be a headache to sort out. Fortunately, there are a few pool repair companies, such as JFS Pool & Spa Service, that can see to it that your pool issues are resolved quickly. The following are a few common issues that you will encounter when owning a pool.

Pump and Motor Failure

The pump and motor are what circulate the water in the pool. You can tell there is a problem with them if the pool water starts to look cloudy or dirty, this is a sure indication that the water is not circulating properly through the filtration system. Another sign is unusually high electrical bills, which is also a by-product of the pump and motor running continually.

Pool Light Issues

Although a burnt-out pool light is considered a big problem in and of itself, light issues can often be related to electrical wiring problems. If your light bulbs are starting to burn out faster than normal, or if you can’t get any light after you have installed a new bulb, call a professional to come and inspect your pool’s electrical wiring.

Lining Leaks

It is not unusual for a swimming pool’s water level to drop in the summer months due to evaporation. Sadly, this can also be due to a leak in the pool’s lining. The only way to know what is causing the drop in water levels is to make a service appointment with a pool repair company. They will be able to perform a few tests and, if a leak is discovered, track it down and repair it.

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