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Pool Repair: Signs You Need to Call an Expert

3 Different Pool Issues

Pool maintenance is not an easy job even for someone good at it. It takes a lot of time and hard work to ensure the pool is clean and safe for guests and their families. To ensure the pool is clean, follow this guide to tell if it needs pool repair or maintenance!

Holes and Stains

These may be hard to spot and are often replaced with quick repairs as they are easy to solve. However, if you find a lot of holes in the pool, the pool needs a complete renovation. These holes can be caused by pool toys that have been left outside the pool on the deck or patio. Stains are harder to spot, but if you find one, it means the pool needs repairing. Stains are a sign that the pool is leaking. Stains are often caused by leaks, which will require pool repair.

Water Damage

Water damage is hard to spot because most of the time, water damage is done under the ground. If the pool is leaking, you’ll notice that the water takes a long time to recede. If your pool is leaking, you must call the pool professionals right away to prevent further damage. If the leak is in the wall, it will cause a hole. If the hole is not too big, you can deal with it on your own. However, if pool repair is needed, do not forget to hire professionals!

Heater Problems

Pumps are not the only way to circulate the pool water. A heater is also needed to warm up the water to the right temperature. When the heater fails to work, the pool pump won’t work. Although the heater is easy to replace, it is better to hire professionals to prevent further damage. The heater is also not the only part that has to be repaired. The contrast and balance of the water have to be checked!

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