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Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure that your pools are functioning at optimal capacity, which includes drainage and filtration, and to make sure that the repairs are done with precision, it is imperative to hire professionals who are skilled and entirely reliable. At JFS Pool & Spa Service, we believe in providing potential customers with all the insights and addressing all the queries they have mentioned to us to enable them to get more clarity. However, if you do not find those insights covered on this page, simply reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to provide answers. Read this FAQ page and learn why our clients choose our swimming pool repair services above the competition in Santa Monica, CA.

How to deal with pool cleaning?

If you are looking to get pool repair and comprehensive cleaning done, it is better to rely on professionals as they have access to the best equipment in the market that simplifies these projects and leads to a higher level of sanitation. While cleaning a pool, it’s important to skim any loose debris from the water, clean the filters regularly, and maintain a healthy chemical balance in the water.

Do you offer pool repairs?

Yes. We can deal with all things related to pool service and can make sure that we never fail to impress our customers. We are very thorough with the repairs that we undertake and go the extra mile to only opt for replacement components when there is no easier alternative. Our approaches and the work ethic that we bring to the table have enabled us to stand out among the rest across town when it comes to repairing pools. Irrespective of the size of the pool at hand, we can make sure that our customers are pleased with the results.

Is it possible to undertake pool repairs without expert help?

No. It is not possible to make pool repairs without having access to the right tools, especially without the right experience for the job at hand. Attempting to fix pools without the right knowledge can lead to disastrous results and could even lead to more investments being needed to get your pool back to functional conditions. It is strongly advised that one must hire professionals for optimal repairs that can last the test of time and make the pools function at optimal capacity.

How experienced are you?

We are highly trained and experienced professionals who offer swimming pool service with over 8 years of intricate experience under our belt. Over these past years, we have tackled some of the most demanding projects and have made sure that our customers are very pleased with the results that we bring to the table.

How expensive can pool repairs get?

The overall expenses that are affiliated with pool repairs and upkeep are generally based on the dimensions of the pool as well as the nature of the pool, for instance, salt water pool service as opposed to freshwater pools.

We hope that after going through this entire page, you are now confident about hiring us for your pool upkeep. However, in the scenario in which the queries that you are looking for were not addressed on this page, simply reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. Simply contact JFS Pool & Spa Service at (310) 487-8387, and we will be more than happy to help. We are skilled experts who are unmatched across the entire Santa Monica, CA area.