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Different Types of Swimming Pool Bugs if You Neglect Your Swimming Pool Service

Swimming With Critters

What could be more terrifying than a plague of ordinary pool bugs? We can all agree that a bug-infested pool is unpleasant to look at and does not provide for an enjoyable swimming experience. If you neglect your swimming pool service for a long time or don’t manage it properly, water bugs or swimming pool bugs may soon appear in your pool. You’ll learn about a few of the different kinds of swimming pool pests in this article.


Since this specific beetle-like wetness and damp environment, your pool may become its final destination. Examine other areas of your home if a springtail is present in the pool. Bathrooms and basements are common breeding grounds for this species. If your pool has a lot of flora, springtails can be drawn to it. Springtails will enter the pool if there are any around your home so they can eat.


Although thrips do not normally live in swimming pools, they can make their way there in quest of food. The greenhouse thrips, western flower thrips, and onion-thrip are the three varieties of these insects. The greenhouse thrips consume pollen, plant leaves, and flower nectar. Western flower thrips prey on gladiolus, roses, chrysanthemums, and other flowers in search of nectar. Onion thrips consume the scales on the bulb.

Water Boatman

These insects have flat, triangular-shaped heads and long, thin bodies. They frequently attach themselves to swimming pool walls. These bugs are eaten by little fish or frogs. Additionally, you can find them in fish ponds, water tanks, and pipes.

Predaceous Diving Beetles

Water beetles, sometimes known as predatory diving beetles, are drawn to bodies of water, including swimming pools. Oval in appearance, diving beetles have shiny, smooth backs. Diverse beetles might be brown, olive, or black. Diving beetles fly at night, and the water’s reflection of the light helps them locate your pool. They are drawn to swimming pools by the food source as well as their love of water.

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