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4 Tips for Cleaning the Pool  From a Professional Swimming Pool Service

Time to Get Your Swimming Pool Open This Spring

As the Spring season gets into full swing, it’s time to get the swimming pool ready for the summer months. Here are 4 tips for cleaning the pool from a professional swimming pool service and preparing the water:

Clean and store cover

The first step is to remove the cover from the pool. Before you do, remove any and all debris that has accumulated on top, such as leaves and branches. Once you take the cover off, lay it on a flat surface like your driveway, and use a large brush and soapy water to scrub it clean. Once it dries, you can fold it up neatly and store it away in a secure place for the summer.

Test the water

One of the most important steps for a safe and healthy pool is checking the water for the proper pH balance. After you let the circulation system run for at least a few hours, you can use a testing kit on the water. You’ll need to measure the chlorine, total alkalinity, and pH levels. The pool won’t be ready for use until the water is just right.

Apply algaecide

If you’ve opened your pool for the season only to find pea-green pool water, this may signify that your pool is hosting a colony of algae or that it’s become a receptacle for pollen, which, of course, is everywhere this time of year. Spring is a good time to use algaecide, not only to get rid of those pre-established algae blooms but also to prevent new ones from forming throughout the year.

Install a Water Leveler

If you haven’t already started the process of automating your pool, we’d recommend starting small with a water leveler. One of the most important tasks in the spring is, of course, making sure that water levels are high enough for comfortable swimming. An automatic water leveler monitors and maintains the ideal water level, with zero effort on your behalf.

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