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3 Common Swimming Pool Issues and Tips to Help You Solve Them

When May a Swimming Pool Repair Service Be Needed

Swimming pools are a great addition to any residential outdoor area or backyard, but before building one, you should also calculate the maintenance costs and see whether you will be able to afford regular pool cleaning and swimming pool repair service. Here are some pool problems that you may have to deal with every year.

  1. The swimming pool pump leaks water. Pool pumps contain certain components that, by their nature, deteriorate over time, leading to leaks. The cause of leaks include: impeller housing “O” links, shaft seals, thread sealants and shrunken threads on the discharge pipe. Keep in mind that even the tiniest of gaps or a minor seal in a leak will result in a leak. Just to stay on the safe side, we highly recommend you to have seals regularly checked and replaced for your own peace of mind.

  2. The pump makes a loud noise which you are not familiar with. If your pump rattles, then it may not be seated properly on its base. Ensure that your pump is well positioned, and consider placing it on a piece of rubber mat in order to stop the noise. Cavitation can be another reason for such “extra noise”. It occurs when the pump has lack of water. The noise is created because in such case, the pump impeller rotates too quickly and starts to beat the air molecules out of the water. This is often down to an oversized pump, and usually if this is not the case, then check for a clogged filter or impeller.

  3. The pool pump does not move water. If your pool pump is not properly pumping water, then the first things to check are the skimmer, pump filter and basket. The debris that has build up could be impeding the flow of water, so it is important to keep this clear as a part of a regular maintenance routine.

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